Thursday, 20 July 2017

Beach Haze | ELLEKATE

The other day my fabulously talented friend Jess came up from Leeds for a few days. If happen to have been a reader of this blog for a long time, you will then be aware of Jess's work (as she's incredible).
Long story short, we decided to go and test out my new Olympus Pen E-PL8 to the full with a beach based shoot and what follows is the outcome. Hope you all enjoy.
Ellie X

p.s. If you have a spare moment please go check more of Jess's work out, you will not be sorry !


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Anatomicals Product Review | ELLEKATE

Good Morning.
If you all follow my social media platforms you will be well aware of my recent delivery from the wonderful Anatomicals. The brand was ever so kind to have sent over three of their products for me to try out for myself and let you all know my thoughts. A couple of weeks on, and I can happily say that these are well worth a purchase, not only on quality but on price. All of these thoughts are my own, I haven’t been asked to say any of this on behalf of the brand but I felt as if this was a one worth sharing.

Another wonderful bonus with Anatomicals are, all of the products are NOT tested on animals. 

1. For a change I am going to start off with my favourite product of the bunch, this without fail had to go to the ‘We Never Forget A Face Memorably Good Daily Moisturiser' down the fact of the results that I have seen in the quality, and glow of my skin over the past few weeks! Not only has this helped with reducing break-outs but I have even seen an improvement when applying makeup. Not only myself but now even my friends have started to click on just what kind of effect the addition of a good face moisturiser has done to my complexion. I shall definitely be repurchasing a bottle of this… if it ever runs out that is, due to a little drop going such a long way. Retailing at £7.50 if you are to only take one thing away from this post I would highly recommend this! 

2. I hold my hands up with this one, I have never been a big fan of using soaps. I have often gone towards grabbing liquid forms such as shower gel, but gosh, the smell of this is too incredible to resist. I cannot really work out if there is much improvement from using a liquid form of this one, however, I smell incredible after using this so who really cares… but unfortunately out of all of the others that I was able to find off the anatomical's website, I could not seem to locate this one anywhere! 

3. I am one of those. I enjoy carrying around a good hand cream or lip balm where ever I may go, previously to being sent this package from Anatomicals I was in fact on the search for a new cream for the bag. But I was rather sick by how quickly I would run out of my previous Body Shop hand cream regardless of how much I loved it. So when this 'help the paw vitamin rich hand cream' arrived, and I seen the size of the thing my jaw almost hit the floor (lol not really, but still) it's very similar in its moisturisation properties as the Body shop one which I really enjoy, and for £5 who’s really in the wrong ? 

There we have it. A wonderful little sum up of these new products for you all to go and get your hands on! Like I said before all of the products have been linked below and please do comment if you end up purchasing any of these, or just had any further questions about how they would work with your skin… don’t be afraid to get in touch!


Hand Cream

Daily Moisturiser

Ellie X 


Saturday, 27 May 2017


So! Getting back into the blog posts for the summer. The kind folks over at Marc B the other week sent me my new favourite pieces of arm candy and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share what exactly it is that I carry around with me on a day to day basis.
I have two purses. There is, however, a method to my madness, In the first bigger one which is a Marc Jacobs Zip Purse, I carry all the necessary and unnecessary cards from credit to promotional ones from the smoothie shop around the corner. In the second I have my contactless cards so I don't have to remove them it's a simple, tap, and go! My second wallet has cat eyes and ears on it and is from Urban Outfitters.
I will usually carry around a perfume bottle as well, sometimes I will be smart and bring a small sample size one as to not fill up all the space inside of my bag. However my Marc Jacobs Dasiy has been running on empty as of late (Which makes me really sad), But a nice fact for you! All Marc Jacobs perfumes are cruelty-free - wahoo!
I carry around three other products that are beauty related and they are, Paw Paw Cream, Hand Cream and a Mascara. About two months ago my auntie introduced me to the wonderful world of Paw Paw cream and I haven't been able to go back since! So thank you, Joey, I love it! Next up is the Hand Cream, This was in one of the Birchbox samples I got last year, the best thing about it is it smells like marshmallows. If I'm not using this one I will be using a Coconut Hand Cream from the Body Shop. Finally is the Mascara, the one in the picture is the Roller Lash by Benefit. If you saw my last post you will know that I have since moved to using the Eyeko Mascara!
I think that carrying a Phone around is a given in this day in age, So moving on to the final product that will be in my bag all summer are my Quay Sunglasses 'My Girl' frame.
So let's talk about the bag itself! Marc B Bags sent me their 'Harmony Laced Bag' in Khaki, it is also available in Black and Navy. And being totally honest, since I received it, it hasn't been off my shoulder! It has so much space and pockets, plus I love how cute it is! I shall leave all the links below if you would like to go and check it out for yourself.

Until next time!
Ellie x



Thursday, 18 May 2017

Favourite Cruelty Free Beauty Brands | ELLEKATE

Good Morning,
In the past ive posted the occasional post towards my cruelty free ways on the blog, but mainly in facebook rants into how people are still oblivious to the fact of what actually happens in these testing facilities. But, do not worry, today we are talking all about the best cruelty free brands that are on the market. Some are at high street prices, others, not so much. 
Ive made sure that I have left out all the brand which have parent companies which do test, as I know some people prefer that there is no involvement what so ever. 
Getting straight into it. 

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills
Now, a lot of people out there, especially in the beauty blogger world! Will know all about Anastasia's world wide famous dip brow kit, I'm one of them as its has been a daily product for well over two years now. Yet, not many know that the brand do not test on animals. After years of wishing, they now even have a UK site, meaning no more stupidly expensive shipping prices - Wahooo. If you are an american reader, and havent heard of the brand, dont worry you can find it at places like Sephora and online.

2. Charlotte Tilbury
When the brand first opened in my local area, it was around 3-4 months after I had started my crulety free lifestyle. My inital reaction was to avoid the place, as I was convinced that it would be tested on animals. It wasnt until a friend, pointed out to me that she was using their 24K Highligher (which is to die for by the way) that I was made aware that the brand is compeltly cruelty free, neither does it have a parent brand that involves in testing. So I would suggest you go and try out some of their products, especially eyeshadows. 

3. LUSH 
Now, Its kind of a given that this brand would be on the list. Not just because everytime I walk into the shop its as if ive stepped into a beautfuly sented bottle of perfume, but what they actually stand for. One of the many things which they do, that I fully endorse are the charity pots. Each store has a differnet charity, and a percentage of the sale shall go towards them. Not only do you get good product, you are doing good at the same time ! - I could go on forever but ill just leave it there.

4. Eyeko
Another brand which completly shocked me when I found out they didnt test on animals was Eyeko. Whist on the search for a new mascara, the wonderful ladies in Space NK adviced me that I should give the 'Black Magic' mascara a go ! I know that the brand now do more than just mascara, however I have yet to get around to trying out. Maybe sometime this year I might branch out to a new brow product, who knows

Strangly enough I hadnt a clue about what the brand was, until I had to go into the Carnaby Street store to pick something up! Now, I dont think a day goes by where I dont use my PIXI Glow Tonic. If you have yet to hear what on earth is this glow tonic, just trust me, and go get yourself a bottle. Ive now started to have a collection build up of PIXI beauty products, there skin care is definalty a strenght for the brand and I wouldnt give it a miss.

6. Barry M 
As a 12 year old, I had a small space in my life where Barry M nail varnish was my everything. I had collected a good 18-20 bottles, before I realised that nail vanish doesnt last forever and that I was no good at even painting my nails to begin with. I havent used any of the other make up products from the brand in a very long time, but have heard quite a few good bits of feedback around. I would mainly suggest there nail varnish products as though only costing around £4 they are really good colours and apply easily. 

7. ColourPop
A new brand to the scene, well to my world ! Colourpop eyeshadows have changed my life. How pigmented the shades are for the price is a steal, plus they are another no test brand! What is not to love. In fact rumour has it, the brands suppliers are the people behind making the Kylie Jenner products as well. Tecnically, you could by yourself a colourpop lippy and it would be the same as owning a one by the youngest Kardashian herself ? Unless youre all about the logo. 

8. Kat Von D
Last but not least, lets talk about the queen of tattoos herself. Her latest endevor into the world of makeup, has been resieved very well, by me especially. Ive gone through 3/4 of the brands tattoo eyeliners in just under two years, yet I dont even wear eyeliner that much! I now have her, lock it foundation, setting power and a lipstick. All three of the products I love, possibly the liner the most! 

If you want to know more about the cruetly free list of brands that are out there, I have left a link below to a blog called cruelty free kitty. They have a full list of every brand out there that make beauty, that is beautiful inside and out, so go check it out. 

So there you have it,  my personal favourite beauty brands that dont test on animals. What do you all think? Have another brand that I havent mentioned that I maybe should have ? Please feel free to leave it in the comment section below. 

Ellie X

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Real Talk | ELLEKATE

It's time for some real talk.
It has come to my awareness, for some time now that I have been rather distant, from here (blogging), from my social life and from my work life.
that's down to my mental health.

A subject nobody seems to want to talk about, but after a conversation with a good friend today, I've realised it's important, to be honest with not only myself but the people I hold dearest.

Though I could sit here all day and give you the long dramatic life story about how poor young Elle was left scared by a long spell of bullying and mental torture. However, you've probably heard that tale far too many times before. Instead, I just want to be honest.

I was originally diagnosed with 'Worrying issues' as my doctor described when I was around 15/16 years old. Though I didn't know it at the time my first actual panic attack was when I was 13 following a gas leak at our school. Ever since, I have been passed between a few councillors, told I've had everything from bulimia, ednos, depression, anxiety, blah blah blah. Now I am officially living with anxiety, probably shall for the rest of my days, and for the time being on some medication. Which from times will make me be someone don't particularly like, however, I've learnt to except those days.

For this moment in time, that day seems to be going on for a seriously long time. It's times like these, that I couldn't think of myself being a lucky person for being able to call some of the greatest beings in existence as friends. Because they are my rock. It sounds very silly but having as low esteem as I sometimes do even 30 minutes with them makes me really appreciate them.

I'm just taking my time to find back the old el, she's somewhere. Until then, don't worry I haven't abandoned my little world online. I just don't want to put content out there whilst I feel as if I'm not going to be happy with it, as it's not me.... if that makes any sense at all.

Sorry, on behalf of my head.
Elle X
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